Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New pictures

Not much going on with us lately---just the usual school, naps, playdates, and everything else that keeps us on the go. Grayson now ADORES his sister and won't leave her alone. He constantly stops what he's doing so he can give her a kiss or tickle her feet....it's very cute, unless she's taking a nap when he decides to do this. :) Emma Claire thinks that Grayson is the greatest thing she's ever seen---even when he's yelling, "MY TOYS!" at her, she has the biggest grin on her face just because he's talking (shouting) to her. I hope they end up being great buddies!


Andrea said...

Love the new pictures!!

Marie said...

I love her smiling face! The 2 of them together is just too cute! It's amazing how our "little" ones are so big now!

Leah said...

They look so happy together. I think they are going to be a great pair.