Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about fall...


2. Leaving the windows open and smelling the crisp fall air. Haven't been able to do this yet because it's still hot as Hades here...rumor has it that it might start to cool off soon, and you can bet that our windows will be open!

3. Wearing jeans.

4. Burning "fall" candles---pumpkin spice and other similar scents that aren't appropriate any other time of year.

5. Playing outside with Grayson.

6. Going on walks---again, once the temp drops a bit. It's nice to go walking and not feel like I'm going to smother in the heat and humidity.

7. Did I say Clemson football? GO TIGERS!!! Tommy had better get those Tigers in line before we play the Gamecocks next month---things aren't looking so good for our big rival game...

8. Going to the mountains! We go to the mountains every year to enjoy the beautiful foliage and get a taste of "real fall" that we just don't have here on the coast. We're going to NC next month with the O'Neals and Steeles and we CAN'T WAIT!!!

9. The pumpkin patch. Going tomorrow morning, and it probably won't be the only time we go this fall!

10. Mums and pumpkins on the front porch. There's nothing prettier than fall decorations on the front porch steps. :)

11. Halloween! I just love dressing Grayson up (and this year Emma Claire, too!!) and seeing all of the other adorable children in their costumes.

12. Shopping!!!

13. Oyster season! The oyster roasts are about to start and I'm soooo excited. Since I was pregnant last fall/winter I had to skip out but this year I'll make up for it!

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Leah said...

I wanna see pics from #9.