Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trip to the zoo!

Last week Grayson, Emma Claire and I went to Columbia to visit our friends Laura, Steve, and Delainey, and to go to the zoo! Grayson hadn't been to a zoo since he was 6 months old so this was a brand new experience for him. He had a blast---he loved the "monk-ninks" (monkeys), the "hih-hoe" (hippo), the bears, and the elephants. When we were looking at the elephants, he kept saying "nose"...it was so cute! He had such a serious face whenever he was watching the animals---no yelling, laughing, or pointing---he just sat really still and took it all in. I love it! Emma Claire was a trooper---it was about a million degrees and the poor thing was sweating like crazy but she did the best she could.

Grayson and Delainey loved playing together! Delainey just turned three and Grayson thinks that she walks on water---he followed her everywhere she went. They loved chasing each other around the house and dying in a fit of giggles...what a wonderful sound!

Thanks, Laura, Steve, and Delainey for having us!! We love y'all! :)


Andrea said...

sounds like you all had a blast! how fun!

Leah said...

LOL, Grayson and Delainey look like an old married couple in that big big. Adorable.