Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it SNOW!!!!!!

After we finished opening presents on Christmas morning, we rested for about 10 minutes and then (with the help of my awesome family who was here celebrating) hopped up, un-decorated the tree, got it out of the house, vacuumed up all of the needles, packed up the car, and headed to Ben's parents' house for almost a week. It started snowing that night and we woke up to over three inches the next morning. Grayson and Emma Claire saw snow for the first time last February, but it was less than an inch so they were amazed at this. We were prepared with coats and hats and my mother-in-law supplied the mittens and scarves, which I think were Ben's and his sister's when they were little. :) Of course, we didn't have the appropriate footwear at all, so we improvised by putting Ziploc bags and rubber bands around their shoes. Whatever works! :)

Whitt and Gee Gee watched from inside, where it was nice and warm.

Grayson's "snow boots"

This is funny--I called it the redneck sled. Ben's dad tied the barrel part of a wheelbarrow to the back of his Kubota and drove everybody around. It was kind of a cross between sledding and tubing, and tons of fun except for the snow that sprayed in your face the whole time. The kids loved it and are still asking to go back again and "go for a ride with Pop Pop".

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Andrea said...

How fun!

Angela said...

The snow gear is fabulous! Right down the redneck sled! HA! You have the most precious snow angels. :)