Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Monday

I'm taking the week off from my menus this week because our kitchen floor is currently under construction and I won't be doing any cooking until it's finished, and I'm not exactly sure when that will be. We're having a dinner party with 18 people over here on Saturday and I've been promised by the tile guy that it will be finished by then, so cross your fingers that he's right! I'll post the menu for Saturday night's party (mostly Pioneer Woman recipes) later this week, along with a new recipe that I made last night.

As for last week's hits and misses, I pretty much had a crazy week and strayed from most of what I had planned for the week. I did make the French Dip sandwiches, and they were amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. The Baked Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries tasted really good, but I think I put too many on the cookie sheets. I made three potatoes instead of one like the recipe called for, and I used two cookie sheets and they ended up sticking together and got all soggy and fell apart when I tried to flip them, so they were really ugly but that didn't stop us from gobbling them up.

I never got to make the chicken on Tuesday because I went to Charleston to see a friend and her new baby (precious little Ila Gray---isn't that the sweetest name?? She's even more beautiful than her name!) so I'll make it later this week if the kitchen gets finished in time. The soup was good, but I was distracted because it was EC's first day of dance so I forgot to put in the mushrooms so it wasn't the best. Went out for pizza on Friday and we were out of town on Saturday and last night (although I did make a really good Paula Deen recipe--I'll post it tomorrow when I'm not about to fall asleep), so pretty much my planning went out the window last week. Some weeks end up being like that!

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Angie said...

Thanks for posting these great recipes! I am going to try the sweet potaot fries and the french dip sandwiches. I will let you know how they turned out!