Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tiny dancer

This car-truck-train-dinosaur-dirt-worm-bug-lizard-frog-loving little girl started taking dance lessons yesterday. And guess what? She LOVED it! She actually cried this morning when I told her she has to wait until next week to go back to "pink lessons", as she called it (not really sure where that came from).

It took three and a half years, but I do believe she may actually like being a girl! :) Don't get me wrong, she ran around the house pretending she was Batman all last evening, but then this morning she brought her monogrammed pocketbook into the car with her and told me that she needed "real makeup" to put in it. When I peeked inside, I found a pink comb, a pink wallet, a pink hair bow, a pink cell phone, and a necklace. The last time she carried a pocketbook it was filled with Lightning McQueen and friends. I'm starting to think that the princess movies she got for Christmas may have actually turned her into a girly girl---and I'm wondering if I should have introduced her to princess movies before now?

Either way, I'm loving it! Also loving how her underwear hangs out of her leotard... :)


MatersandMelons said...

MARGARET, you're supposed to go COMMANDO to ballet!!!! Sheesh, I gotta teach you EVERYTHING!!! ;-)

Margaret said...

really????????????? why didn't you tell me??????

Kelly said...

Y'all are too funny! And I would have had Gracie wearing her undies thank you for the heads up Christie!

She's perfectly precious...panties showing and all!

I'maNolaGirl said...

The undies peaking out is too funny! I agree with M&M, we went leotard only for ballet. She is the cutest little ballerina!!!

I heart said...

It took me a while at gymnastics before I realized K should be commando too! haha
Sounds like she's the best of both worlds.. perfect Tom-boy and Girly-girl!

Rebecca said...

Good gosh she is just the cutest little thing!! xoxo